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Tangram Flex, Inc. Awarded $95M Contract

Hardware engineering processes work really well for things you can see, but introducing software to the mix changes the game. Tangram Flex was awarded a five-year $95 million IDIQ contract to continue advancing autonomy and interoperability in legacy DoD systems.

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Tangram Pro™ Toolkits Available Today

MAR 2023

Tangram Flex announces the release of Tangram Pro™ Toolkits adding choices to the Tangram Pro™ platform, a software integration tool.

The Tangram Story

MAR 2023

Timeline: The story behind Tangram's Flex's name and spinout of Galois Inc.

Under the Hood: Building a MAV/PX4 Ground Control Station with Tangram Maker™

MAY 2022

Grayson Rodriguez set out to control a drone programmatically with MAVLink commands in this edition.

Under the Hood: An Inside Look at Testing Auto-Generated APIs

MAR 2022

Under The Hood blogs are technical pieces written by engineers to share their knowledge, ideas, and cool things going on at Tangram

Tangram Flex, Inc. Announces Public Availability of Tangram Maker™

JUN 2022

Tangram Flex announces the release of its free software integration platform, Tangram Maker™.

Understanding the MOSA Mandate

NOV 2021

What is the MOSA Mandate and what does it mean for doing business in the defense industry?

Tangram Flex, Inc. To Support Air Force Secure Communications Community

SEP 2021

Tangram Flex announces award of STTR Phase II contract to support AFRL & the greater Defense secure communications community.

Helbach Hears a Who: A New Story of Defense Innovation

JUL 2021

Tangram Flex is in the business of changing the way defense systems are modernized and we are always thinking outside the box.

The Future is Now: Solving the Interoperability Challenge

JUN 2021

While we can’t reinvent engineering overnight, with coordination our systems can become interoperable.

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