Flex: The Language of Integration

There is power in the freedom to create. Tangram Flex unites commercial flexibility with the security demanded by the DoD so you can change the system without breaking it.

Adapt and thrive through modernization

Our team is obsessed with using complex math to solve practical problems in technology. We created Flex Language to help systems of all kinds work together with less work– and it doesn't require a PhD to use.

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Communication is Key

The systems we rely on are built using a myriad of communication standards and software languages. The future of engineering demands a better way to connect components together and reliable interoperability between standards.

FlexLang is engineered to support rapid integration with confidence and facilitates a modular open systems approach.

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Every change is a brand new unique problem that no one has ever solved before in the universe. Flex removes repetitive, error prone tasks and frees up energy for human creativity and ingenuity.
Ben Kyrlach

Tangram Team Member