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Keep up with constant changes in technology. Meet new challenges with confidence. Tangram Flex helps bridge treacherous gaps in engineering so you can deliver rapid, reliable updates to mission-critical systems.

Tangram Maker™, our free software integration toolkit, is here!
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Simplify Software Integration with Tangram Pro™

Tangram Pro™ brings components, processes, and people together so you can speed up delivery without sacrificing quality. Tangram Pro™ is the industry's first Component Software Integration Platform (CSIP) for mission-critical systems.

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Discover Solutions Custom Fit to Your Mission

Every system is unique, but the mission is clear: the people on the ground need dependable, adaptable equipment to get the job done. Tangram Flex is your partner in getting the most out of the engineering you're already doing with solutions to make component integration faster, simpler, and more secure.

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Connected OMS and LMCP Lego blocks
Modular and
Open Systems
UAV and safety shield
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Expertise Meets Innovation

We think it's time for engineering to get a reboot. With deep experience in open architectures, model-based systems engineering, and DevSecOps, our team partners with with you to solve some of the world's toughest problems. We pair our knowledge with custom-designed toolkits in Tangram Pro™ to give you the power to continuously adapt and keep pace with technology.

Tangram Flex Insights

Under the Hood: Building a MAV/PX4 Ground Control Station with Tangram Maker™

MAY 2022

Grayson Rodriguez set out to control a drone programmatically with MAVLink commands in this edition.

Under the Hood: An Inside Look at Testing Auto-Generated APIs

MAR 2022

Under The Hood blogs are technical pieces written by engineers to share their knowledge, ideas, and cool things going on at Tangram

Tangram Flex, Inc. Announces Public Availability of Tangram Maker™

JUN 2022

Tangram Flex announces the release of its free software integration platform, Tangram Maker™.

Work together to reshape
what's possible

Our engineers specialize in finding the potential in complex systems. We work with you to identify your software integration needs and arm you with customized toolkits for the freedom to securely update capabilities in pace with your mission.